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2nd Annual Hackathon

Congratulations to our winners!

What an amazing event!  Thanks so much to all that participated and assisted in the execution of this year’s Hackathon.

A special shout out to Benedict College for hosting this year’s program and to Dr. Geter for coordinating all activities on the ground!


1st Place: Claflin College ( Ojochide I Usman Aguda, Bimal Itani, and Amrinder S. Singh)

2nd Place: Claflin College (Javian Huell, Kamara L. Chima, and Jadrien Huell)

3rd Place: Morris College (Deondre Davis)

Thanks you to our Keynote Speaker Dr. Aravind Prakash, Lead Cyber Physical Systems Scientist at Integer Technologies, and our platform host this year the EC Council!

About the Hackathon

“Hack @ SChack” ’23 is an exciting hacking competition for SC Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Trident Technical College underrepresented students to hone their cyber security and computer science skills.

Speaker Information

Dr. Aravind Prakash

Dr. Aravind Prakash is a Lead Cyber Physical Systems Scientist at Integer Technologies. Dr. Prakash is on Sabbatical from Binghamton University (a State University of New York), where he holds the appointment of Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science. Before joining Binghamton, Dr. Prakash earned a PhD in Computer and Information Sciences from Syracuse University in 2015. He brings with him over a decade of systems security research and development experience both in academic and industry settings. He specializes in broad aspects of cybersecurity. His recent-past and current research include software reverse engineering, vulnerability analysis, memory forensics, compiler-based security, and embedded systems security. He is a recipient of the CAREER award from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Over the years, his research has been supported by NSF, Office of Naval Research, DARPA and the State of New York, and his work has been published in top-tier academic security conferences like IEEE S&P, ACM CCS, Usenix Security and NDSS.

About the Internship

Advanced Technology International (ATI) is collaborating with the various organizations to provide a mentorship, internship, and hackathon experiences for the students from SC Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Trident Technical College.

Collaborating Universities & Colleges

The Hackathon participants will include underrepresented students from SC Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Trident Technical College (TTC).

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About the Hackathon

How does the competition work?

The Hack@SChack Hackathon is a Capture-the-Flag event to challenge yourself, stretch your security muscle, and have FUN! CyberQ is a cyber range tactical range environment consisting of a virtual machines and tools to support red team and blue team environments. This range technology was developed by EC-Council, the inventors of Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

Participating teams will consist of 3 people per team with a primary team captain controlling the range within CyberQ, and the other two team members doing research and recon. Challenges will consist of red team, offensive tactics and exploits, each mapped to a specific job role and Knowledge, Skills, and Tasks within he NCWF (National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education).

This event will be BYOD, and participants will be provisioned access to the CyberQ range.

How does scoring work?

Scoring will be structured by 20 points per flag, with 3 optional hint per flag that deduct 5 points per hint if the flag is captured. Final results are based on Score, Time of Completion, and the Number of Attempts per flag.

For information about how to join your school’s team or attend Hack@SChack ‘24 to represent your school, email

About Integer <> BC Project

Integer Technologies in collaboration with Benedict College, formed a Team to perform Science and Technology (S&T) research into digital stress testing of autonomous systems cyber operations. The Team launched workforce development and diversity efforts, centered around Benedict College campus, to increase the defense research capacity of one of America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). A robust and enduring STEM workforce, comprised of U.S. citizens, is fundamental to the Navy’s long-term resilience. America’s HBCUs represent an untapped resource of highly competent, majority U.S. citizen, STEM students that can increase the diversity and strength of the Naval Research and Development Enterprise (NRDE) workforce. This project aimed at increasing the resilience of the Navy’s future autonomous fleet, whichis deployed forward in cyber-contested regions. Ensuring that their systems and concept of operations (CONOPS) are hardened against cyber operations is crucial to the Navy’s articulated warfighting strategies. This project developed and demonstrated a digital environment to conduct penetration testing (pentesting) and red teaming on maritime autonomous systems across multiple operational domains (surface, subsea, and air) conducting a wide array of missions. By training students as interns at Integer Technologies and absorbing them into the cybersecurity workforce, this project promises STEM workforce development in the United States in general, and in state of South Carolina in particular.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Interested in supporting the mission of the Cyber Security – Computer Science Internship Program and Hack @ SChack’24? Please consider a sponsorship opportunity that will benefit students by engaging them with the cyber security and computer science professions.

Title Sponsor

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Gold Sponsor

Silver Sponsor

About ATI’s Cyber Security – Computer Science Internship Program

The mission of the internship is to provide underrepresented students from SC historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and Trident Technical College (TTC) the opportunity to gain firsthand insight into the computer science field through a guided program with the SC-based cyber security and computer science industry. Students learn real world skills and establish mentor-mentee relationships, while industry connects with local talent to meet their long-term workforce demands and help instill a passion for the field.

Via a nine-month virtual mentor relationship, a one-week immersion-style internship, and a Hackathon, the students are provided an opportunity to grow as computer scientists and gain valuable real world experience.

For information about how your organization can get involved as a mentor, or learn more about the program, contact Tim Macon, ATI Program Manager at 843.760.3498, or email

Collaboration Partners


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